Movie Review: Aquaman

yes, I’m a lumberjack with golden scales with no nips

My earlier plans to go for a spectacular dinner fell through when the hotel called to say that the buffet for new year’s eve was a spectacular SGD258/head so I told them that I had other spectacular plans – albeit going to watch Aquaman instead with the express intention of going to view the fireworks later.

Apparently not many shared this idea, as the cinema was half-deserted. I saw several other families (they too, did not intend to overpay for dinner at a swank hotel) but there were singles, whom I suspect were actually weeping silently into their popcorn boxes.

So Aquaman was a surprisingly good movie – given the low expectations I had after the disaster that was “Batman vs Superman” and “Man of Steel”. After all, while “Wonder Woman” was amazing, frankly Jason Momoa hath none of the charms of Gal Gadot.

In essence, the movie is gorgeous. Everytime they had scenes in the city of Atlantis, I thought I was watching a re-run of “Tron.

The director is a Malaysian born chinese guy from Sarawak who made it big with the ‘Saw’ franchise and man – the story is good. The flow goes something like this.

  • I kill your father
  • My mom is hot
  • Don’t kill my father
  • Tron
  • Attack of the Titans
  • Horror movie
  • My mom is hot
  • I am Spartacus!!!!!!

Conclusion: 4 out of 5 stars – go catch it as soon as you can


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