I do a lot of reading on my Kindle. Previously I would buy dead-tree books from Kinokuniya every weekend, and read them over the course of the week while emptying my bowels every morning and evening.
Science-fiction is for me, a genre that has gotten boring over the years. The last exciting book I read was Queen of Angels

Since then, all I’ve been reading has been the soap opera rubbish that is Warhammer 40,000 franchise.
And then I stumbled onto the The Three Body Problem which completely blows my mind away. I was so impressed by it that upon completion
  1. I logged on to Amazon.com and purchased a copy (the one I had was a pirated copy that I downloaded off the intarwebs.
  2. I immediately subsequently purchased the sequel The Dark Forest because it’s part of the trilogy called Remembrance of Earth’s Past
  3. And the I immediately purchased the final installment Death’s End.

That’s right – it’s so good that I put my money where my mouth is.



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