You Know Nothing, John Snow Tan Ah Kau

Josh Giersch is the resident personal-finance truth-teller (and self-proclaimed “mouthy angmoh”) of the Money Mind forums on, where he writes under the pseudonym “Shiny Things.” He worked for 10 years as a quantitative analyst and currency options trader, and now builds front-office trading and risk management software.
Unless you live under a rock, which would explain why you are not really planning your own finances then you would not be familiar with Shiny Things and the very addictive/informative thread on HWZ.
A few years ago, I started writing on the Money Mind forums on HardwareZone, and it didn’t take me long to realise that there just isn’t enough personal finance advice out there that’s tailored to Singaporean investors. There’s so much advice for American, British and Australian investors: You can go on CNBC and watch Jim Cramer or Suze Orman, you can read Michael Pascoe’s columns in the Australian press and you can read thousands and thousands of finance bloggers online. But there isn’t much advice out there that’s specifically for Singapore, and if you follow the advice for American investors, you might make some expensive mistakes.
And it’s the gospel truth that Singaporeans think they know what they’re doing but are still not able to save for retirement, in an efficient and optimized way that doesn’t involve their blunders well documented in the local rags.
So now that Shiny Things aka Josh has released a book precisely to help you out of the goodness of his heart, I recommend you check it out.
I have personally purchased this and highly recommend that you do so as well.

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