A Rolex Would Be Cheaper, Actually

On Sunday morning, I went cycling at East Coast Park with my wife and daughter. We rented a family bicycle (seats 3 pax) and my 6 year old daughter alternated between her scooter and getting a ride from us. After lots of cycling on my part, we headed over to Mcdonalds at Marine Cove and had  breakfast.

This may sound like a normal Sunday morning, but it’s something I’d like to make a ritual out of. In order to enable a lifestyle where I can wake up at 9am on a Sunday then drive out and be at the beach for outdoor activities in 10 minutes, I had to plan, work towards and save for an apartment in a suitable location. You can say that it’s kind of a life goal for me.

Perhaps it sounds superficial, but it’s the kind of privilege that I’ve dreamed of having since I was a boy. Sundays for me while I was growing up consisted of waking up early, watching cartoons, listening to my parents quarrel over money and attending church in the evenings. Repeat, relive and die of boredom.

Other people buy a Rolex to celebrate success.

I on the other hand, improve the quality of my life in terms of perceived experience.


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