Elections, I Was Kinda Scared For A Minute


So today the SG2015 election results came out. Not being eligible to vote, I went to bed the night before after reading my daughter is bedtime story unlike my many friends who stayed up late glued to the television (oh, the irony).

Truth be told, I did lose some sleep over this election. All of the opposition leaders seemed to be xenophobic (will they kick me out?) and seemed to have all kinds of policies proven to fail like minimum wages and handouts. Simply put, it was like Singapore was going backwards for awhile there.

So I’m quite relieved that the PAP has won by a modest majority. It basically guarantees all my investments in Singapore are safe for at least another 5 years. By then, I’ll be 42 years old and well into my middle ages. The world will be a different place. But that’s too far in the future to worry about. I’ll be putting down a pile of money on the STI ETF the moment the market opens on Monday because Singapore has returned to its sound fundamentals.

Godbless your cold pragmatic heart, LHL.



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