And A Child Shall Inherit The Earth. Ok maybe your gadgets.

What seems like junk to us, may be treasure to a child

Yesterday, I was doing a Marie Kondo (read: cleaning up) on my home office. It had been years since I thrown out all the junk that had accumulated over the years. Most of it was cables, letters, name cards and stationary.

And then my 5 year old daughter peeks over my shoulder, and spots something.

What’s that, Daddy?

It’s an iPod

You mean an iPhone?

No, no. It’s an iPod. People used to use it to listen to music.

But people listen to music on their phones or on the sonos

This was before everybody had a phone.

Can I have it?

So I find the cable charger (non-lightnining, remember?) and OMG, the iPod lights up and begins to charge.

After about an hour, my daughter informs me that the iPod is alive again.

I switch it on and she begins to poke the screen.

No darling, this isn’t a touchscreen

Then how do people use it?

You have to use the clickwheel by turning and clicking on it. See?

Wow. Cool.

So now I’ve promised to download the soundtrack of ‘Frozen’ and upload it into the iPod. She’s so excited.

Amazing, maybe I should let her ‘accidentaly’ find a SNES as well.


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